We all want to achieve our full potential at work and in our lives, to be who we really are, to ‘bring our whole self to work’. I have tried to do this in my own career, and have tried to help people achieve this as a line manager and in my consultancy work.


Coaching can help people overcome the barriers that hold them back, nurturing positive self-beliefs, unlocking new abilities and uncovering new opportunities for the future.


My starting point in coaching is that people are creative, resourceful and whole – not that they ‘have a problem’. The role of the coach is to enable them to bring out the best in themselves – at whatever level in an organisation they find themselves, or at whatever point in their career they are.


I bring to coaching over 30 years’ work experience in the private, public and voluntary sectors; in organisations large and small; in mature, established organisations and young start-ups; in cultures from conservative to entrepreneurial; with male and female leaders; with line managers who have been older or younger than me; colleagues from diverse backgrounds and countries all over the world.


My coaching draws on my own experience and practice of mindfulness meditation, and my belief that we are all interconnected, and that everything is interconnected.


I work with people in most industries and sectors, and have a particular focus on people working in responsible investment and sustainability.


I am an Accredited Associate Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaching.


Coaching can be conducted in person, via Skype or on the phone. Sessions usually last an hour, and a coaching programme can consist of as many or as few sessions as is right for the client.


Please contact me discuss whether I might be the right coach for you.