Sustainability. ESG. Responsible investment. Long-termism.

The terminology can be baffling. Sometimes it’s unhelpful: for example, I don’t like the term ‘ESG’. You can find out why here – although I accept that the term is here to stay.


However, the simple fact is that investors throughout the world are grappling with the challenge of delivering long-term financial returns in the face of increasingly serious sustainability pressures (climate change, resource scarcity, human rights and more); the continuing aftermath of the financial crisis; and ever louder calls from beneficiaries, clients and other stakeholders for accountability (e.g. on fossil fuel investments, controversial weapons or tobacco).


I provide independent advisory services to help investors chart a course through this complexity. For convenience we call it ‘responsible investment’. This interview I did for the CFA Institute’s Enterprising Investor website gives a brief summary of my perspective.


A particular focus of my recent work has been the ‘human dimensions’ of responsible investment: ensuring that RI strategies are embedded in an organisation’s purpose, values and culture, and that they are supported by them. RI programmes that are not truly integrated into an investment institution’s reason for existing, and its operating model – e.g. the balance of internal and external asset management – will not serve us well. I write about this in this article on the website


I believe strongly that responsible investment is not a simple 'package' that can be transplanted from one institution to another. My aim is to support clients in the development of their own approach, not to deliver ready-made solutions.


I offer my clients experience, judgment and integrity. I am entirely independent and do not act in a representative capacity for any service providers or fund management houses.